Great Northern Camp Stove

Wolfmaan | [Reviews] | April, 03 2014 | 4 Comments


Great Northern Camp Stove. Super strong rolled steel construction. Sets up in minutes. Easy carry handle folds flat to become a stove cook top. Rotate Cook top outward to hang wet socks and gloves. Burns wood, compressed logs, charcoal or any convenient solid combustible. Front and rear air flow regulators. Spark arrestor for added safety. Easy access bottom clean out. Includes four (45cm long x 6cm diameter) interlocking flue pipe sections, removable legs, removable dual side cook tubes and stove tool. Measures 46 long x 26cm wide x 28cm tall. Stands 68cm with legs. The stove weighs in at 16kg. A little bit heavy for backpacking, but great for canoeing or car camping.

Wolfmaan recommends that this stove be re-painted with high-temperature BBQ paint after the first burn to ensure the stove does not rust.

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  1. España

    What an amazing stove! Really heavy to carry, but great for canoe tripping!

  2. Maillot Nouveau

    Love it!

  3. Barberry Sac

    Love the look of that stove! Where can I get one?

  4. James Davidson

    A great idea, but way to heavy to take into the back country.

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