BF-Bushcraft Show Sept. 28, 2013

Wolfmaan | [Radio] | October, 02 2013 | 2 Comments

RobHoughtonSeptember 28th, 2013

Wolfmaan, Barefoot Bushcraft Radio Show host discuses:

Canoeing tourist stranded for days after losing paddle

Travel & Safety

Special Guest: Rob Houghton, Expedition Leader and Outdoor Educator,

Scam artist Anuj Agarwa from the website and how he contracted Wolfmaan to write knife articles, then refused to pay for them.

Anuj Agarwa
Anuj Agarwa




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  1. […] I’ll be honest, it’s not my best public appearance but, if you can get past that, the host Wolfmaan and I had a good chat.  Find it here. […]

  2. Bottes Timberland

    I can’t believe what a shit-rat Anuj Agarwa is for stiffing you. I hope he burns in hell!

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