BF-Bushcraft Show #33

In This episode of the Barefoot Bushcraft Radio Show Host Wolfmaan and co-hosts A.D. Venture and Rhonda Ursalak discuss Changes to the Wind Chill Reporting System, Additional preparation tips for a Winter Storm, Special Guest: Arctic Guide & Explorer Børge Ousland of [Click Here To Download Episode] Play in new window | Download

BF Bushcraft Show Episode 1

    The premier episode of the Barefoot Bushcraft show featuring Wolfmaan and co-host AD Venture. In this episode AD Venture and Wolfmaan discuss Elise Heron, a Toronto Doctor who became trapped on a cliff in Arizona, as well as the movie 127 Hours. This leads to a discussion of how to keep safe in […]

Survival Buckle Review

The HX Outdoors Survival Buckle This multifunction buckle can be attached to any 19mm (3/4 inch) webbing such as a backpack, anklet, or bracelet. The buckle features: a high-pitched survival whistle ferrocerium rod fire starter scraper These little buckles can save your life if you unexpectedly loose your primary equipment and find yourself in a survival situation. […]

BF-Bushcraft Radio S2 E13

Season 2 – Episode 13 Broadcast Saturday, October 18th, 2014 In this episode we cover: – The Beauty of Autumn – Unusual materials to strike a ferro. rod – Avalanche disaster on Mount Everest – Special Guest Stefan Verstappen of  Urban Survival Strategies [CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD EPISODE] Play in new window […]