Last Dive Of 2007!

Sunday, December 30 – 2007 13:00 – 14:00 Dive Number 128 Start: 13:00 Roads: Wet from Snow Visibility: 18km Temp: +1C Water Temp: +1C Area: East Main Street Bridge – Welland, Ontario Vehicle: 1994 Blue Grand Am Weather: Overcast Visibility: 1m Divers: Wolf, Paolo Shore Crew / Tenders: Tori, Chuck Maximum Depth: 10m Plan: Last […]

In Your Own Backyard Promo.

I have had a significant number of requests to creat my own series on the tele. In response to this, I created a film promo for a new series entitled “In You Own Backyard”. 2011 marks the beginning of the United Nations “Decade of biodiversity”. With that, I am planning on getting this series aired […]

Passionate Cragislist Jeep Ad

I am passionate about Jeeps. I have had many over the years.  All have served me well both on and off road, from the battlefield to the urban jungle. Although there are many people, mostly city dwellers who simply do not understand the passion of Jeep lovers. The passion about having a Jeep is shared […]

Why am I always barefoot?

One of the most asked questions I receive more than any other is why I am rarely seen with shoes on. Although I have read this question many times, I rarely respond. The reason for this is because it is a deeply philosophical question which there is no easy answer. In this short video interview […]