Great Day Without Group 4!

Great Day Today! Today was a freakin’ great day! I am so happy to have left my old company which I’ve been with since December 2002. After a meeting and usual nonesense I left the company for a better offer at a local trucking company. I love driving more and at least the promise of […]

Guiding Services

Wolfmaan Guiding Services Wolfmaan, in partnership with Barefoot Bushcraft, offers a personalized “wilderness guiding service” that is led by wilderness guides who have wilderness training, experience, and survival/safety training. The guided wilderness outings can be customized to your specific needs and budget. Typical clients would use this service include: families seeking weekend camping adventures school […]

January 18 – 2007 Bruce Trail Hike

Thursday, January 18 – 2007 13:30 – 16:00 Roads: Ice Patches Visibility: 24km Temp: -8C Area: Niagara Vehicle: Suburban – REBMA Weather: Mostly Cloudy Trail Conditions: Snow / Ice Hikers: Wolf, Tori, 3 dogs Plan: Hike as far as we can, hope to find someone to pick us up and return us to the truck. […]

Found Some Caves in Queenston, Ontario

Thursday, April 26. 2007 11:30 – 15:00 Start: 11:50 Roads: Damp from rain Visibility: 18km Temp: +8C Area: Niagara Vehicle: Suburban Weather: Overcast with some showers Trail Conditions: Light mud Hikers: Wolf, Tori, Lupis, Dogs Plan: Find the caves by the Queenston Quarry According to a small map we found on, The bruce trail […]