Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

  In an effort to broaden the minds of regular viewers, and provide some new, unique content, adventurer Wolfmaan teams up with Blue Raven to produce an amazing experience of tribal fusion dance. Please be advised this deviates from the normal travel /outdoor / bushcraft theme of this website. Wolfmaan Presents: Tribal Fusion from Wolfmaan on […]

Creating a Burn Bowl

The Burn bowl is a simple, primitive tool with many great uses! The Burn The Burn bowl is created using the following tools Piece of Wood Fire Straight Knife Crooked Knife Shovel to retrieve coals (optional)  

Bruce Trail Expedition 2009 – Week 7

WEEK 7 Trip Report Bruce Trail Expedition 2009 Week 7 on the Bruce Trail spanned from Tuesday, July 14th to Friday, July 17th, 2009 The 7th week on the Bruce trail was certainly the most challenging for adventurer Wolf Starchild. The week started late due to transportation issues. Heading out on Tuesday afternoon, Wolfmaan made […]

Found Some Caves in Queenston, Ontario

Thursday, April 26. 2007 11:30 – 15:00 Start: 11:50 Roads: Damp from rain Visibility: 18km Temp: +8C Area: Niagara Vehicle: Suburban Weather: Overcast with some showers Trail Conditions: Light mud Hikers: Wolf, Tori, Lupis, Dogs Plan: Find the caves by the Queenston Quarry According to a small map we found on, The bruce trail […]