BF-Bushcraft Radio S2 E15

 Season 2, Episode 15 Special Halloween Episode Letter from a listener How the show is put together 3 Facts about Halloween Special Guest: Kellie Nightlinger from [CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD EPISODE] Play in new window | Download

Dry Land Skijoring

Dry Land Skijoring One of my favourite things to do in the world is spend time with my dogs. I am blessed with two, beautiful Siberian Huskies. Luna (black) and Colt (red). Siberian Huskies are medium size, dense-coat working dog breeds that originated in north-eastern Siberia. They are recognizable by its thickly furred double coat, […]

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

  In an effort to broaden the minds of regular viewers, and provide some new, unique content, adventurer Wolfmaan teams up with Blue Raven to produce an amazing experience of tribal fusion dance. Please be advised this deviates from the normal travel /outdoor / bushcraft theme of this website. Wolfmaan Presents: Tribal Fusion from Wolfmaan on […]

Paracord Sandals Tutorial

  This two-part video series explores how to make paracord sandals. These sandals are built tough, and designed to last under conditions. They can be built with only basic tools in afternoon. They are stylish and easy to make. Tools Required: Awl Punch Dremmel Tool (Optional) Sewing Awl Paracord Leather Pieces Glue (Optional) Leather Dye […]