Spring Peeper Frogs 2016

Spring Peepers 2016   Spring peepers live primarily in forests and regenerating woodlands near ephemeral or semipermanent wetlands. This amphibious species requires marshes, ponds, or swamp regions to support the aquatic environment the eggs and tadpoles need. In the northern reaches of their range, spring peepers must frequently endure occasional periods of subfreezing temperatures during […]

Wolfmaan’s got a new pair of shoes!

  Wolfmaan’s got a new pair of shoes!The other day I was so bored from not hiking the Bruce Trail, I decided it was time to make a new pair of shoes that were more compatible with myself and my lifestyle. I went to my local leather shop and purchased some nice, stiff 1mm leather […]

Barefoot for health

Bare Feet – One of the most controversial body parts. The mere thought of bare feet can cover the entire gamut of human emotions. Everything from absolute obsession to complete repulsion. The internet has more sites dedicated to displaying photos and videos of feet than any other body part. Pop Culture magazines often run articles […]

Dealing with Ticks

Dealing with Ticks (Ixodes scapularis) In this short video, Adventurer Wolfmaan talks about Ticks. Ticks are closely related to spiders. They are typically small when unfed, (1 to 5 mm in length), and all active stages feed on blood. They cannot fly and they move quite slowly. Ticks usually come in contact with people or […]